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Battlefront Nvidia Driver Failed Download Install Update

Shock Force Tech Support. Got a juiced up new computer and now have constant crashes with the above error message. Is there a fix for this? If so could someone please direct me to it. I installed the MS hotfix mentioned in an old thread here, but i'm not convinced that it did alot.

What seemed to help was selecting single GPU mode in the nvidia control panel, and setting AA to SLI mode ie only one card used for display but both for calculations.

Running in SLI performance mode, i would have horrible problems where the screen would switch to black and then back to the game, everytime i selected or deselected a unit.

I could usually provoke the Opengl 14 error by switching units very fast. I should just add that the problems mentioned happened with both the official drivers for me Took a bit too long in posting this. Admittedly my suggestion is most likely for someone who can't get CMSF to run at all initially. There's a possibility that your video driver isn't quite installed the way it should be not necessarily your fault. Download the OpenGL Extensions Viewer program make sure to select the Windows version and run it to determine the level of OpenGL support that you have with your video driver.

If you see only OpenGL 1. If you only have OpenGL 1. After doing this I highly suggest that you reboot your computer rather than attempt to install the video driver again. During the reboot you may be prompted for the video driver again, but just cancel those install requests. Once you've rebooted back into Windows, turn off any anti-virus utilities and also close as many other programs and utilities that may be running in the background IM clients, etc.

The idea is to reduce the amount of things that could possibly interfere and anti-virus utilities would be the most likely culprits.

Now try to install the current video driver and reboot once that process is finished you'll be prompted to do so anyway. Then create a profile. There is a good manual on the site to explain all the settings and how to create a profile. I had sli problems with il2 and i found a very good solution on a forum dedicated to this game. I took il2 profile as a start for CMSF. Thank you for taking the time for your reply but I must admit I don't understand a word.

It may just be me but I think that if I was in the computer game business I would be sure that these problems didn't exist. Very discouraging for a guy who is not computer savy but loves playing these types of games.. I have the same problem as you, with a brand new PC and a GT. Drivers are OK and updated, all other games work fine. Thanks for responding Cpt. What I think is a main stream war game company with a product that has these problems with what is a main stream video card is odd enough.

But, to have no responce, nothing, nada, " we don't give a damn", from the developers two guys I think is discouraging enough for me to just write off the whole CM series which I have purchased each issue and every module. There are enough games in the pipeline that seem to be overtaking Steve and Charles anyway. All I wanted was just a little advice As for the troubles you are having, I wouldn't necessarily go and blame BFC for it.

Aside from it not having been identified what the problem is, I'm going to guess that it's real tricky to develop for a platform where the hardware is so mindbogglingly varied, the drivers change frequently and where aforementioned drivers often don't comply with the industry standards or even the standards set by very same manufacturer. Personally I don't blame Battlefront, I'm an authentic fan But I really hope the problem will be solved very soon.

I will open a ticket today. Cpt, thanks for doing the ticket thing. As it stands now I can't get the Brit Module. Sorry if was a little strident. It might be that the cards settings and those of the game are conflicting.

Open up the cards graphical settings. I find that selecting "let 3D application decide" is the safest way to go.

Okay, so lets do some fact checking here so we can try and properly troubleshoot and diagnose this issue which seems to be affecting at least a few people. With regards to the crash itself, when approximately does it occur? Immediately when a game loads up a battle?

As soon as you load the game itself? Does it occur in both realtime and turn based mode? The game happens after some playing, never before 10 minutes, today after 1 hour. I can't say for sure if it's related to something I'm doing in the game, but apparently it happens selecting a new unit. I tried to configure the driver in single GPU mode, but the problem was identical. I use the standard driver settings. Thanks Cpt for that.

You are a big help. I agree with everything you said for every question. I do have Vista I will say the crashes occur randomly I have played as much as 10 turns and saved and closed without a crash. Then somtimes it happens in the first turn or two. I'm trying different driver settings, but I had another crash in mission 3 of the semper fi campaign after about 10 mins. I was looking around. I was playing again, then I paused the game for a small break, and when I returned about 5 minutes later, maybe 15 from the start of the game the error was there!

I read that whole thread. I didn't see where anyone came up with a definative answer. I have seen when Steve and Charles work on something they always work it out.

I'm afraid that this is not a priority for them right now. What I want to know is this. If so, do you have any suggestions at all. Nvidia is aware of the problem, and we continue to collect information and see if we can work something out on our end as well, but the problem does appear, at least at present, to have been introduced in their recent drivers.

Hopefully that means that a fix is not far off. Any of you above may want to try and "roll-back" to an earlier build of Forceware drivers and see if that makes a difference. You can usually find a full list of available drivers including beta drivers at www.

Matt - will there be some sort of announcement when nVidia puts out another driver that corrects this crash issue with CM? It looks like this problem has been fixed by the latest nVidia driver I have played for 3 hours with no more problems. Thanks to Matt for bubbeling this up to nVidia.

I spoke to soon. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? Special Upgrade 4 Tech Tips. Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Posted April 19, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted April 20, I run the game in sli with two gt, dual core, drivers: First, you need to create a sli profile for the game.

You should download nhancer 2. These are my settings: AA multisampling 4 x Enhance ingame aa setting: Alternate frame rendering no compatibility flags opengl flags: For opengl games, you don't have to activate the profile. This works the best for me, but you may have to experiment. This is why nhancer is very useful.

I hope that this may help you to find a solution. Posted April 21, Posted April 27, I'm very unhappy since CMSF is my preferred game.

Battlefront Nvidia Driver Failed Download

NVIDIA Releases 358.50 Game Ready Drivers For Star Wars Battlefront

I know there are other posts concerning similar problems but I cannot find the solution. And to our total dissapointment we have the same error as. To clarify, I could load the game 4 discs but as soon as I tried to run the game I got that error saying that my driver version was bla bla bla and I needed a minimum driver version bla bla. Thanks to all for your kind interest. That completely sucks that it's still giving you such headaches. I guess what I need to know are specifics. What I mean is -- does the game not load, does it explode in the middle of playing either crashing Origin or blue-screening the PC?

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Battlefront Nvidia Driver Failed Download

So a long time ago after Trump was elected, which was approximately about last week where bad luck arrived in three, I came across this fantastic error message you see over there. So, like a true leader of the Dothraki and as a Skyrim survivor —I relaxed, took three deep breaths, stretched my fingers and hamstrings followed by a proper posture squat, I then fired up setup. In a sudden flashback, I was pretty sure that this is karma serving justice at me for not letting that guy merge into my lane on i last week. However, I quickly recomposed myself. The troubleshooting took places along with many of hours of frustration —where it should have been remedied by NVIDIA or Microsoft themselves in the first place. Several searches from Google and Bing return similar problem everywhere. Fortunately, my CPG team got the best and most qualified tech staffs in the world and together we were able to troubleshoot this problem in no time 2 years. We all know that this is a complicated relationship between NVIDIA and Microsoft and all but unfortunately you and I are caught up in the crossfire —which should have been a problem of AMD since they came up with the term Crossfire in the first place.

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