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Why Cant I Download Drivers For The Asus X79 Install Update

Carbonyl01 Apr 26, , 3: I'm currently in the process of building a new system for the first time in about three years. One thing I'm rather daunted by at the moment is what drivers will be necessary once I have hardware set up and the OS installed. I know it's better to download drivers direct than use what comes on the CD in the box, though. I'm putting together a system with the following. These are the parts I think that are relevant to the mobo drivers: A which motherboard drivers to I want?

Which should I avoid? Is there a non-enterprise version of that I should look for? I'm also not sure if getting the drivers from ASUS's website is the best idea. Are there better sources for these drivers i. Intel directly, or other parties? B when setting this all up, is there a preferred order of driver installation for best performance and stability? What's the best way to test the memory stability before I even install the OS? Thanks much in advance for any assistance!

More about asus x79 sabertooth setup questions. Best answer cin19 Apr 26, , I add the link for how to install it during install win7.

USB driver, Audio driver from asus website. Other utilities if you want. In this point you can make a backup of win7, either build-in backup or other free backup program like from WD. Carbonyl01 May 3, , 2: Thanks an absolute ton.

This is a great help, and I really appreciate all your assistance. Can't find your answer? Ask a new question. Asus Sabertooth Drivers Motherboards. Subscribe to our newsletter.

Why Cant I Download Drivers For The Asus X79

One-click optimization delivers optimum performance on Intel® X79 platform

Sabertooth X79 can't install windows. So here's the deal, I just got an x79 board, trying to install windows on an ssd drive, I already found out the hard way about launching the install disc as uefi and gpt being automatically chosen for that. I also learned that instead of putting the boot drive at the top of boot priorities you need to put windows boot manager first. I know all my hardware is good from tests and i'm running at stock bios so rule that out. I still, after installing windows and restarting for the first time, get the boot manager screen saying windows couldn't be started and telling me to restart with a repair disc or launch startup recovery. That's on the three times out of about 30 so far that it even restarts to finish installing the point where you assign a username etc. The bios seems to enjoy changing the boot priority order halfway through my installations.

Sabertooth X79 can't install windows

Why Cant I Download Drivers For The Asus X79

I have completed a fresh install of windows 10 on an asus rampage IV Extreme motherboard that has the x79 chipset. I have used both the drivers from the ASUS site as well as use the Intel driver utility to install the necessary chipset, each time the failure comes up as unknown error. Attempts to install the drivers via windows update also fail, please advice on what I can do to troubleshoot this, I have attached the logs from the failed install attempts. You could follow YseGuy recommendations. It might help you on this matter, or you could try downloading and installing customized INF versions from Asus's website. You don't have JavaScript enabled.

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