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Discussion in ' Samsung ' started by hanime , Nov 25, Log in or Sign up. This guide was first inspired by: How to do a clean install of Windows 7 or 8 on Samsung Chronos laptops Arktronic.

Give it a try and report back. I will add to this list: My theory after testing over and over is that the iSSD gets in the way of the installation process. While Microsoft is to be blamed for not letting us choose where to install "system reserved" files to during the installation, Samsung is to be blamed for adding another layer to that with the iSSD. Normally, when you install Windows on a partition of a drive, the "system reserved" files are created automatically on a new partition on the same drive of the OS.

With the iSSD in the game, the "system reserved" files are created on there instead. When booting up, the system cannot find Windows because it cannot boot up from the iSSD. So my solution is to do just that, but then copy the "system reserved" files to its proper location afterward. The process goes like this. Create two partitions on a drive Drive A , one for the "system reserved" files and the other for the OS.

Use the command line to copy over the "system reserved" files from Drive B to Drive A's "system reserved" partition. Restart and the laptop should boot up from Drive A. If you are in any of these situations, then this guide may be for you: So my only option is to install via a bootable USB drive. But it won't work--Windows does not boot up on my HDD.

I tried installing a fresh Windows 7 or 8 with a USB bootable drive and got an infinite boot loop after Windows installed restarts after Samsung logo This guide assumes: Your recovery partitions, everything will be erased. By following this guide, you take full responsibility for any action you perform to your laptop.

I take no liability for your own actions or damage caused here within. More information in this post. Everything else can be set to their defaults. Exit and save changes. Drive 0 should be your main hard drive for the OS.

All others are other drives you have connected. We will only focus on Drive 0 and 1 in this guide. Delete partition s on Drive 0 that you don't need I delete all partitions for simplicity. Delete Drive 1 partition. So now yours should look something like this: Now you should have the following we are going to assume this setup for the rest of the tutorial: Drive 0 Partition After installation the system should restart. This time, use the Repair your computer function and get to the command prompt.

Once in command prompt, type diskpart to enter the disk partition mode. Making this guide is a good initiative, lots of people seem to be having problems with USB install. I've been away for several weeks and only reading up on this forum tonight. Otherwise I would have responded to your other posts about it. Of course when Windows Setup tries to boot after copying files, it will fail, because the iSSD isn't bootable. I described the steps in some detail in this post a few weeks ago. I notice you were posting about it in the same thread, but you may have missed it.

Flag it active bootable and you're good to go. That's how I did it the first time on a Series 5 this summer. Now I prefer the first method. Both work on Series 5 and Series 7. My experience is only with Windows 7, haven't tried Windows 8 yet on the Sammy. Again, great initiative with this thread. Let me know if I can help in any way. Of course these procedures assume you're installing Windows from a USB2 port.

Dannemand , Nov 27, I have the latest NPZ7C One issue I've had with this laptop is that my windows 8 pro usb key isn't the same media as what the laptop has certificates for. You need to go in to the bios, disable the certs, install windows 7 in non UEFI mode, then use the usb key for win8 pro to install the OS. Insanity but it works. Dannemand , Nov 29, I have an issue that brought me to this thread, maybe you guys know something.

I got the Windows 8 version of this laptop, the npz7c-s01ub. Restore to the SSD, all is well. Then today, for some reason when I close the lid, it shuts down improperly rather than sleep. It does this a few times, annoying, but not a big deal. The last time, it won't boot back up. After tinkering for a bit, it seems maybe the boot record is invalid or something. I can boot from a plain jane windows 8 image I have handy from another purchase, but no recovery tool will fix the boot record.

I did grab a copy of the bios license, but the media Windows 8 just says "The product key entered does not match any of the Windows images available for installation.

Enter a different product key. This laptop didn't come with any recovery media, so basically right now I think I'm screwed; at best I am downgrading to Windows 7, which seems to be my only option without sending the laptop back into Samsung. Anybody seen anything like this? This model doesn't have anything in the bios about certificates to disable. Thanks for the guide Dannemand--I have added your guide to the alternative method.

Dannemand , Nov 30, I've added this thread to the sticky list to make it easier to find. John Ratsey , Dec 1, If I want to simply install windows 7 from a cd, would I follow this? The problem I run into is it freezes at the windows logo once it loads the files of the installation cd,.

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Test Samsung NP355V5C-S05DE Notebook

Thankfully, we are going to show you how to look for missing drivers and fix your problems in just a few minutes. The good news is that, after installing appropriate drivers, his camera worked like a charm. Follow the steps below to look for missing drivers on your computer. Checking your drivers is a great place to start if an accessory or part of your computer suddenly stops working after functioning fine. See the screen shot below. By looking into this you could easily figure out what drivers you are missing. If you choose to browse your computer keep following these directions.

How to reset my samsung laptop to factory?

What exactly happens when you use the in-built microphone? Do you receive any error message? Follow these steps to run the troubleshooter. Install the drivers in Windows 8 by choosing the compatibility level as Windows 7. Click Programs , and then clicking Use an older program with this version of Windows. Follow the instructions in the wizard. Note Make sure that Working appears under Microphone. If Working does not appear, click Microphone , and then click Set Default.

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