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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Driver Windows 7 Download Install Update

I can reinstall lenovo intel bluetooth driver successfully. But I still encountered that my "Microsoft Designer Mouse" bluetooth still have problem with my X laptop with Win7 64bit. All driver install successfully and looks okay in device manger. It's really suffered for such bluetooth malfunction in my new laptop for work. I suspect the lack of Windows 7 support for this mouse is because it is a Bluetooth LE device.

It is sometimes possible to get Bluetooth LE devices working on Windows 7 with the Bluetooth LE support in third party drivers such as the Intel Bluetooth drivers for the Bluetooth hardware on the X's Wi-Fi card , but such solutions tend to be fragile at best. Issues such as needing to repair on reboot are common. Those needing to stick with Windows 7 who want a Bluetooth mouse are probably better off finding an non-LE device.

As most current Bluetooth mice are Bluetooth LE, this might be tricky. I also agree with your comment for this. Windows 7 was a hugely successful version; probably one of the best Windows versions ever. Windows 7 is now approaching 7 years old, having become available in October , and it reached the end of mainstream support in January After 31 October , Lenovo will not be allowed to install Windows 7 Professional at the factory, though it will take a while for inventory to be depleted and it might still be possible for end-users to install Windows 7 on new hardware via downgrade rights or volume licensing.

Consumer editions of Windows 7 reached 'end of sale' back in and support for Windows 7 on new consumer hardware has almost entirely disappeared. It will become increasingly difficult to use Windows 7 on new hardware sold after 31 October because manufacturers will stop developing Windows 7 drivers for new components going on sale after that date. The current range might be the last ThinkPads for which Lenovo will provide Windows 7 drivers and support.

I can understand why businesses have been conservative in sticking with Windows 7 up until now, but the proximity of the 'end of sale' date for Windows 7 Professional should act as a warning to businesses that they will soon start to face difficulties in buying new hardware with Windows 7 support.

This means businesses should look for alternatives to continuing to deploy Windows 7, alongside beginning to develop their plans for eventually retiring or upgrading existing Windows 7 deployments. Microsoft intend discontinuing all public support for Windows 7 after 'patch Tuesday' in January , by which time businesses should aim to retire or upgrade all Windows 7 machines. If it is not possible to retire Windows 7 for certain legacy purposes by January , mitigation measures must be put into place on the assumption that Windows 7 contains unfixable security flaws.

I think many businesses feel, like I do, that Windows 8 and 8. This means looking to Windows 10 for the future. Windows 10 Version is not perfect, but it feels like a fairly polished OS to me. Now that we are into the extended support phase for Windows 7, Microsoft are only issuing security and critical updates for Windows 7. The lack of a standardised mechanism to support Bluetooth LE in Windows 7 means a robust fix for your problem is unlikely to be forthcoming.

Windows 7 was never designed to support Bluetooth LE, Microsoft will not be backporting Bluetooth LE support to Windows 7's Bluetooth stack, and there are numerous complaints of flaky Bluetooth LE operation from third-party drivers that attempt to provide some level of Bluetooth LE support on Windows 7.

If you are not currently in a position to upgrade to a later version of Windows, I can only reiterate my earlier suggestion to find a non-LE Bluetooth mouse or use a wireless mouse with its own USB receiver. The current Lenovo X1 wireless mouse is both a Bluetooth LE mouse and a wireless mouse with its own USB receiver, depending on the mode switch setting.

I use one of these mice when travelling and recommend it - in my case in Bluetooth LE mode with an X1 Yoga running Windows 10 Version Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions.

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Driver Windows 7 Download

Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse connectivity issues

I bought the Microsoft Designer Mouse a couple of days ago and at first it seemed all okay. While using it suddenly it stopped working. I searched the internet for a solution, but nothing helped. For the system everything seems ok, but the mouse still stops working after I boot up the computer. Since upgrading the drivers, I have no longer had these issues with my Designer Bluetooth mouse.

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Microsoft Designer Bluetooth Mouse Driver Windows 7 Download

The problem is that my computer doesn't see neither of them. I have windows 7 and the only drivers I can find on the net are for windows 8 and up. Did Microsoft relist a product that is compatible with only windows 8 systems and up? Does the problem is the lack of BLE drivers for windows 7? The issue could be if Bluetooth service is not running or there is some drivers issue. So, try the below mentioned methods and see if it helps you to fix the issue. You may try running the Hardware and Device troubleshooter and check if it helps. Type troubleshooting in the search bar, click on troubleshooting. Click on Hardware and Sound , click on Hardware and Devices.

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