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Verizon Wireless Data Stick Driver Download Install Update

The device has a nice design and embedded connection software for both PCs and Macs that also supports text messaging. The modem itself is rather bulky and its download speed fluctuates a great deal. Visit manufacturer site for details.

T-Mobile says its recently launched Rocket 3. Though its design is similar, the T-Mobile Rocket 3. Like all mobile 4G cellular Internet options we've reviewed, the modem's speed fluctuates a great deal. Most of the time it is fast enough for even the most demanding Internet uses. Unfortunately, that's only if you haven't used up the monthly data limit, in which case the modem's speed will be throttled down to a crawl. Design, ease of use, and features The T-Mobile Rocket 3.

As we mentioned, though, the Rocket 3. This is a nice touch, considering that the Rocket is rather bulky for a device of its type, measuring 1. Although the Rocket is black, it comes with two covers, one blue and one violet, which can be swapped out easily to change the look of the device.

The best thing about the Rocket 3. This means you don't have to worry about carrying a CD of software just to use the modem. The first time you plug the Rocket into a computer the software will prompt you to install it, and within less than a minute you're ready to go.

With a microSD card inserted, the modem will also work as a thumbdrive. In our testing, it took just a few seconds to get connected to a network. All you have to do is plug the device into a computer. The T-Mobile WebConnect Manager software can be used to either connect the device to a cellular network or manage a Wi-Fi connection to a T-Mobile hot spot when available. You can also use the software to send and receive text messages, view data usage status, and locate the nearest T-Mobile Wi-Fi hot spot.

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Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Don't show this again. Review Sections Review Specs. Continue to next page 01 Best Wireless Routers for See All. In the Amazon rainforest, this tribe may just save the whole world. The ticket into Apple's world of products just got even pricier. Technology shows us why. Discuss T-Mobile Rocket 3.

Verizon Wireless Data Stick Driver Download

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In a recent disturbing announcement ,Verizon Wireless will be disconnecting service to 8, rural customers this month for using too much data on their cellphones. The customers are scattered around 13 states and are a mix those with both unlimited and limited data plans. Verizon justifies this because these customers are using data where Verizon has no direct cell towers, meaning that these customers are roaming on cellular data networks owned by somebody else. Since Verizon pays for roaming the company say that these customers are costing them more in roaming charges than what the company collects in monthly subscription fees. Verizon may well have a good business case for discontinuing these particular data customers if they are losing money on each customer. But the act of disconnecting them opens up a lot of questions and ought to be a concern to cellular customers everywhere. This is a basic principle of utility regulation that says that utilities, such as traditional incumbent telephone companies, must reasonably connect to everybody within their service territory.

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Verizon Wireless Data Stick Driver Download

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