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Uac Prompt Windows 10 Printer Driver Instalation Install Update

We currently have a Windows print server. We are setting up a Windows terminal server. Anytime a printer is mapped from the print server the user is prompted to "Install Driver". This is a issue with Windows server We have tested this on Windows server and we do not have this issue. We can replicate the problem on multiple 08 servers.

It is very similar to the issue listed in this KB http: We have tried several Group Policy settings but we can't find any that will make the prompt to go away and install the printer.

We have tried this with admins and non admins as well as local to the box and remote. Thanks for the post. From your description, I understand that you installed printer server on Windows Server ; however, users were prompted to install printer driver when they mapped the printer on Windows Server Please understand that this is actually expected point and print behavior for Vista and Windows Server If a user connects to a shared printer and the required printer driver is not on their computer, or if the driver for an installed printer has been updated on the print server, Point and Print begins the installation process.

First, the user sees a warning message with the following message: If you do not recognize or trust the name and location of the printer, do not install the driver After a user with administrator-level privileges clicks Install driver, the UAC dialog box is displayed to prompt the user for permission to continue. After a user without administrator-level privileges clicks Install driver, the UAC dialog box prompting for administrative credentials is displayed. The user must be able to enter a password for an account that has administrator-level privileges in this dialog box or the printer installation will fail.

For your reference, here are some useful articles you may check: Meanwhile, you may also try the following suggestions: Disable the following policy: Logon as Administrator to the terminal server console and install all the printer drivers for printers on the Windows Server printer server. Hope this will help you with this issue. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads.

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Uac Prompt Windows 10 Printer Driver Instalation

Install a printer in Windows 10

I am trying to install drivers for my Xerox One Touch Scanner its old! Whenever I try to install the drivers, I get the following message:. Please rerun this installation from an administrators account. I have attached a screenshot of the message. I have searched everywhere, tried disabling the driver signature enforcement and still cannot install them. I tried the disk that accompanied the scanner and also tried the drivers from the official drivers. What can I do!?

Make UAC prompts less intrusive on Windows 10

Uac Prompt Windows 10 Printer Driver Instalation

During the IT Pro Conference, someone asked if they could eliminate the UAC and the local administrator requirements just for printer driver installations on Windows Vista machines. Printer Drivers are the most difficult issue when it comes to removing the requirement for local administrator access to a machine. This feature was included in Windows XP and in Windows Vista we require local administrator privileges to install these drivers. There is a Group Policy setting that tells Windows Vista to not require local administrator privileges for printer drivers that are already installed on your servers. This is the Point and Print functionality Below is a screen capture of the Group Policy setting that disables the local Point and Print Restrictions.

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